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Some sad and weird Sean Taylor posts from EXTREMESKINS.com:

“This is a sad day for Redskins nation and all, but he was just a football player. Yes it truely does suck when a 24 year old man, with a promissing future dies. He was one of my favorite people in the NFL, but just a player non the less. I wish we had this kind of outrage for the thousands of Americans who are dieing in forign wars, sold to us on lies or the 4 million dogs, who are killed every year because of stupidity or the millions of people starving to death around the world.”

On Wearing Taylor’s jersey today:

“I’m wearing mine. Man, I’ll wear it all week. What a horrible loss. I can’t even get my mind around this. God bless him and the daughter he leaves behind.

I never owned a Redskins jersey until recently. I met Brian Mitchell when I was young, maybe 15 years old. I was a big fan of Brian Mitchell and just wanted to shake his hand, maybe get an autograph. In not so many words, he pretty much told me to take a hike and GTFO of his face.

This was one of the many experiences in life that made me a little less naive and a little more cynical. I never rooted for players again after that. I rooted for the Redskins logo and my city.

The era of Free Agency only reinforced my adamant refusal to buy a jersey. I would see Arrington jerseys, Bailey jerseys, etc., and was glad I never invested. Sean Taylor changed that for me. Seeing him play, his modest and humble demeanor, it was his jersey and ONLY his jersey I was willing to wear.

It will be the only Redskins jersey I will ever own.

RIP Sean.”


“His rookie # 36 jersey is hanging in my office now. Don’t know what else to do….”