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Len Shapiro has been taking a beating for a washingtonpost.com column expressing his lack of shock at Sean Taylor‘s violent demise.

“[C]ould anyone honestly say they never saw this coming? You’d have to be blind not to consider Taylor’s checkered past,” Shapiro wrote, before going over what the writer saw as some of the decedent’s bad acting, which included “blowing off” an NFL rookie behavioral symposium in 2004, and “disrespecting Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs by not showing up for mandatory offseason workouts and never calling to explain why.”

Shapiro didn’t get around to explaining why Taylor’s blowing off and disrespecting should be seen as precursors to being murdered in his home. Readers have surfed to the newspaper’s online comments section by the hundreds to unload on the veteran sportswriter, who has been at the Post since 1969. A poster going by “concernedaboutdc” wrote: “May God assault your soul Mr. Shapiro as aggressively and violently as you have the family and friends of Mr. Taylor on the day of his demise. You are a horrible pug of a man. All of your human parts are dead. May God bring an end to the rest of you.”

Not all of Shapiro’s assailants hid behind screen names. Last night, John Mitchell, a sportswriter for the Washington Times, ripped Shapiro a new one WOL-AM’s nightly sportstalk show, The Sports Groove.

Mitchell decried Shapiro’s column as “bigoted, racist garbage,” and then really cut loose. With some prodding from host Mark Gray, Mitchell called Shapiro a “racist, conniving skunk,” took a breath, and called him “a racist conniving dog of a skunk.”

“Everything he writes,” Mitchell continued, “is inaccurate. No research, it’s just lazy. When’s the last time Leonard Shapiro broke anything? He’s just an old white guy hanging on.”

Let the healing begin.