Boswell has some mighty praise for Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and even more for Joe Gibbs.

Courtland Milloy sees a lot of murder cases just like Sean Taylor’s. He leads with this: “You hear about killings all the time, more than a few of the victims named Sean, black youngsters in their 20s, full of promise. But you don’t feel the pain unless it’s your Sean.”

Wilbon continues to argue that he was not surprised by Taylor’s death. He may get a lot of hate from Skins fans. But it’s one of the better pieces on the star safety. He writes: “I’m told that Taylor was told to go north, to forget about Miami. I can understand why he would want to have a spot in or near his home town, but I sure wish he hadn’t. The issue of separating yourself from a harmful environment is a recurring theme in the life of black men. It has nothing to do with football, or Sean Taylor or even sports. To frame it as a sports issue is as insulting as it is naive. Most of us, perhaps even the great majority of us who grew up in big urban communities, have to make a decision at some point to hang out or get out.”