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I hate malls. I can never successfully buy anything in a mall, because the whole time I’m so distracted by thinking about how much I hate malls. I hate the chains. I hate the crowds. I hate the smell of the Body Shop. I hate the stuffy air. But I love boutique shopping (even if I can’t afford anything). I would much rather walk around outside, be helped by nice salespeople, and look at original clothing. The other day I stopped by Pop, one of my favorite stores. A sign on the door said that no teenagers were permitted unless accompanied by an adult. This is shocking. Where I come from, teenagers are the backbone of the retail industry. And, ideally, we should help cultivate teenagers’ tastes instead of exiling them to the Gap. (OK, they’re not exactly exiled, but what teenager wants to shop with her parents?) But at the same time, I do like shopping in peace. So, is this a smart move by Pop?