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Marc Fisher has a strong column—perhaps the best yet on Sean Taylor. The writer sees the differences and similarities between Taylor and the many who died at or around 2921 Knox Place SE. There have been 10 murders at Knox Place in recent years. Fisher spends time at Redskins Park and on Knox Place for this well reported piece.

Mike Wise delves a bit too poetically into the grieving process going on at Redskins Park. But he does stop long enough to note what a lot of people are perhaps afraid to say out loud:”It’s also fair to wonder if the grown men breaking down in tears beside a memorial of Taylor at the Redskins’ training facility grieve as much for their own family members as for a player they never met or knew.” But then quickly drops the point: “They are all points worth arguing and debating. But the truth is, everyone deals with death and loss in his or her own space and time. And no matter how one feels about such personal and delicate matters, it would be unfair to dismiss the authenticity of the recovery process in Ashburn. This is literally, as Joe Gibbs said, ‘an hour-to-hour thing.'”