Former schoolboy hoops legend turned Where Are They Now? mainstay Tamir Goodman will return to the area to play for the Maryland Nighthawks, the Rockville-based minor league club has announced.

Goodman’s basketball fortunes peaked in early 1999 when he was dominating weak and mostly faith-based competition while playing with a smile and a yarmulke for the Talmudical Academy, a school for Orthodox Jews in Baltimore. The University of Maryland offered a scholarship to Goodman during his junior year at TA, and the mythical Jewish Jordan was born.

Alas, neither his on-court reputation nor that scholarship offer held up through his senior season. After his ACC dreams faded, Goodman had a brief and disappointing college career at Towson University before disappearing to Israel.

When Goodman was last heard from, he was on the bench playing in a lesser division in Israel’s professional league. He no longer dominated, but he was still wearing the yarmulke.