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I was running late to work this morning. I needed to be at a meeting at noon. I had 25 minutes to make the mile walk to CP’s offices. And there was snow falling. I know. I know. The roads and sidewalks were generally fine. And the snow flakes were the size of sea salt. I still immediately thought about wussing out and taking a cab.

All I had was $5. I knew my $5 wasn’t going to get me to the office. But my fiver could get me close to my destination. I figured maybe a cab driver would want to play good citizen on the occasion of our first bit of snow.

I found an idling cab on 16th Street—about two-thirds of the way to my office. Through a crack in the cab’s passenger-side window, I made my pitch to the cabbie: “All I have is $5,” I shouted. “Could you take me as far as my $5 could go?”

The cabbie just smiled and shook his head. He then drove away leaving me to dodge snow flakes and sidewalk puddles.

I arrived at my meeting on time. But I had to jog every other block to make it. I’m wondering why my cab driver wouldn’t accept my offer? It wouldn’t have taken up much of his time. And I was honest.