I recently flew into Dulles, and, as every time I fly, I was shocked by the amount of noise with which the FSA/airline/whoever insists on barraging its customers. When you wait to go through security, not only is there a repeating loop of what you can and can’t bring on the flight, but there is always one employee who repeatedly yells the exact same information. I’m almost used to this. But the one that I find most egregious is in those strange monster truck-type cars you have to take to go to different terminals. For the entire ride, a sedated woman’s voice tells you that you’re in a vehicle that is taking you to a different terminal, and that if you look out the window, you can see planes. And then she repeats it. And again. Who in the hell doesn’t know why they’re there? Or that they’re looking at a plane? Really, it’s just insulting. Traveling would be much nicer if we could just get a little silence.