Pfeiffer’s Hardware in Mount Pleasant has reshuffled its stock. The screwdrivers, which used to hang low, are now up higher, about seven feet from the ground. There’s a reason for that. “We noticed that they kept going missing,” says Pfeiffer’s General Manager Robert Larson. He doesn’t know how many screwdrivers disappeared during a spate of thefts last summer, but it was “a good amount. Enough for us to notice.”

The cops noticed, too. “From what the police told us, they were using them to crack into car trunks,” Larson says. Apparently, stealing screwdrivers is a gateway crime to a more serious form of larceny.

In addition to elevating the devices, Pfeiffer’s staff hung them on “locking pegs,” which make it difficult for customers to snatch and run. Larson says the thefts haven’t stopped altogether, but “it’s been a little tighter of a ship since last summer.”