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Sally Jenkins works up some remarkable enthusiasm for everyone’s favorite column filler: a hate piece on the BCS. Despite the topic, Jenkins has fun with the first graph: “I’m thinking I need to replace those college fight song ring tones on my cell. Instead of “The Victors” or “Boomer Sooner,” there ought to be a Gregorian-style chant that says, “Junk the BCS for the Rotting Goat Carcass That It Is.”

Prince of Petworth gets with Matt from Wonderland and apparently the Temperance Hall makeover is going to be less Joan Rivers facelift than previously believed. The Prince offers some bullet points that should assure T-Hall’s fanbase. In the good news column, ex-CP alum Dan Searing says he is staying on as general manager.

The Examiner reports that D.C.’s charter schools gained 2,000 students this year. Despite the scary leap in numbers, the charter schools actually fell below expected increases.