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Back to some classic pet gifts. Here, Hammacher Schlemmer gives us two whoppers on the same page!

First you got the doggie water fountain, which is quite something. The innovation here is that when your doggie’s snout gets withint striking distance of the spout, out comes the water. How is this an improvement on the old, trusty water bowl? Well, let’s let Hammacher Schlemmer answer that one: “A built-in proximity sensor detects when your dog gets within 3′ and activates a constant stream of water that greatly reduces the risks of intestinal diseases commonly contracted from contaminated standing water.”

Note, too, that the device shuts down after four minutes, saving Rover from the threat of the dreaded canine hyponatremia.

If you and your dog are managing hydration issues competently, please see other ideas on this same H-S page, including a contraption called “The Safe Outdoor Playground for Pets.” The idea here, according to the promotional language, is that your indoor cat can enjoy the great outdoors with the assistance of this cage. And then there’s the double-decker cat stroller.