The Washington Post reports this morning that the Metro board is meeting probably right now(!) to debate fee increases for parking as well as subway and bus fares. The story‘s second graph pretty much sums things up:

“Board members have at least two proposals before them, and additional ones may be offered at the last minute as they try to find compromise. The fare and fee proposals are scheduled to be discussed at the board’s finance committee meeting, scheduled for this morning. But a vote must be taken during the full board meeting that follows committee sessions before any fare plan can be put into effect. The proposal presented to the public during hearings last month drew more than 400 comments from riders, many of whom said the proposed hikes in subway fares and parking charges were too high and not justified by unreliable service.”

The Post also reports that labor leaders are getting defensive about the hiring practices at the new Nats stadium. We reported out the issue a while back. You can read the fine story by the beloved Joe Eaton—right here.

Prince of Petworth has a picture of one of the ugliest row houses we’ve ever seen.