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The Mitchell Report is out. To assist with the crushing of your fandom, City Desk has searched the 400-plus-page document for all Nats and Orioles players past and present named in the report. NB: The page numbers refer to the PDF numbering, not the numbers actually printed on the pages.

  • former Orioles outfielder David Segui, p.198
  • former Orioles outfielder Larry Bigbie, p.200
  • former Nats pitcher Mike Stanton, p.205
  • Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts, p.206
  • former Orioles outfielder Jack Cust, p.207
  • former Orioles catcher Tim Laker, p.207
  • former Orioles pitcher Jason Grimsley, p.225
  • former Orioles catcher Gregg Zaun, p.227
  • former Orioles pitcher Todd Williams, p.242
  • former Orioles pitcher Kent Mercker, p.246
  • former Nats outfielder Jose Guillen, p.249
  • former Oriole shortstop Miguel Tejada, p.249
  • former Orioles infielder Jerry Hairston Jr., p.255
  • Nats catcher Paul Lo Duca, p.256
  • former Orioles pitcher Kevin Brown, p.262
  • former Nats catcher Gary Bennett Jr., p.273
  • former Orioles utility man Howie Clark, p.276
  • Nats outfielder Nook Logan, p.277
  • Orioles outfielder Jay Gibbons, p.295
  • former Orioles pitcher Darren Holmes, p.299
  • former Orioles outfielder Gary Matthews Jr., p.300

Most of the Orioles were named by former Mets clubhouse employee Kirk Radomski. The biggies, obviously are Roberts, Tejada (no surprise there, Mr. B12), Guillen, Logan, and Gibbons. Personally heartbreaking for this hardball fan is to see Bigbie’s name, who grew up in the same Indiana town as he did. (He did cooperate with investigators, so kudos for that, Larry.)