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I’ve been on a mission lately to fall in love with theater. In theory, this should be easy. I was a literature major for Christ’s sake. But it’s been a tough road. It’s been more of a love/hate kind of relationship. And I think the problem is my low tolerace for all things cheesy. (With the exception of Christmas, of course. I love my giant colored lights.) And if I feel a play gets cheesy or overdramatic, I instantly hate it. And the actors turn back into actors and not their characters. I start wondering what their day jobs are or if they feel silly wearing such ridiculous makeup. But last night, things took a positive turn; I saw Shining City at Studio, and I’m excited to report that this play, or rather one actor, has put me back on the path to love. So thank you, Edward Gero, for your astounding performance. Never once did I wonder where you buy your shoes or try to guess where you grew up or worry whether you get enough sleep. Because you were only John, a widower who was seeing ghosts. I will continue my mission.

Here’s what someone who actually knows what he’s talking about has to say about the play.