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The Palisades and Foxhall neighborhoods are lovely places. They’re in the city, but not really in the city at the same time. A bus takes them downtown without transferring (city amenity). They have nice yards (not-city amenity). There are restaurants and shops within spitting distance (city). Trees are everywhere (not-city). They live in bungalows and Tudor-style residences (not sure how to classify that one.)

Well, anyhow, residents of these high-priced hoods are flexing their non-city civic muscles these days, in opposition to a plan to locate 41 new town houses on a large property on MacArthur Boulevard. Via the Dupont Current comes this quote from resident Benjamin Shaffer: “This is too dense of a development.”

Oh yeah, 41 new homes: Four-lane Mac Blvd. is going to be sooo congested now. The Mac Safeway, where you can often roll grapefruits down the aisles without hitting anyone, is going to be backed up to the seafood counter. But look on the brights side: With all these new residents, perhaps there’ll be enough of a demographic to open the movie theater again!