Maybe it was the free tea bags. Maybe it was the chance to wear funny colonial hats. Or maybe, people are actually amped up again to fight for DC voting rights, after September’s disheartening Senate vote. Whatever the reason, 80 people showed up to DC Vote’s Boston Tea Party reenactment yesterday, according to an article in the Washington Post. The organization says the turnout was closer to 140 people, and they have the video to prove it. Either way, it was cold out there! And probably pretty damn windy, since the event took place by the Georgetown waterfront. DC Vote has its eye on several senators, in particular Max Baucus of Montana and Gordon Smith of Oregon, both of whom, says Communications Director Kevin Kiger, changed their vote last minute. DC Vote staffers are planning on heading out to Montana during the third week of January to meet with residents to make their pitch for DC voting rights. There’s also a scheduled trip to Oregon in February. Besides that, the organization is starting to launch letter writing campaigns in various states, including New Hampshire and Montana.