When I moved into my new apartment last summer, I found that it came stocked with some sweet goods: Futon. Toaster. Lamps. It also came with this baby: the iTouchless Trashcan.

This trashcan opens and closes its lid by sensor.

You don’t even have to touch it!

At first, the can was just mildly unsettling–it seemed an unneccessarily futuristic intrusion in our household. Plus, it had the tendency to go on the fritz: At times, the lid seemed to open and close indiscriminately; at others, you’d have scan your banana peel over the sensor a couple times before iTouchless would grant you access. Now, the batteries are dead and we’ve lost the lid to hold the new ones in. We’re forced to pry the lid open with our hands like commoners.

There’s only one reason you would buy this for somebody: You want them to look like a total asshole.