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City Paper isn’t having a Christmas party this year. Seems ho ho ho’s are in short supply in our corner of the media universe.

There was a time when the CP soiree was a highlight of the holidays around these parts. The mobs around the funky food tables always included local and national tv people and folks with big bylines and city councilmembers, mayors, way too many courier-looking types and artsy weirdos and musicians, and (during very special years) maybe even Mark Jenkins.

Perhaps someday we’ll all get together again to be barraged by industrial music at 747 volumes.

But this year’s a wash. So as all you folks who mooched off CP in years past prepare to close up shop for the holidays, please think of us. Look around your workplace for any of your party’s leftovers.

We’ll take your carrot sticks and half-empty tubs of hummus, the remains of your meats-on-a-stick trays, and all those disposable styro coolers still sitting under the tables in your conference room with room-temperature white wine and beer bottles swimming in dirty ice water.

Box it all up and send it over. Unless, of course, you were going to ship this stuff to Darfur….

CORRECTION: Mark Jenkins, who has logged several thousand bylines in this paper since the 1980s, informs me via email that he has “never attended a City Paper Xmas party.”