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The results are in, says Operations Assistant William Philpot IV, whose nominal resonance with coffee service escaped me before a commenter pointed it out. The Bunn machine in the City Paper kitchen will go. All hail the Keurig!

Here’s the e-mail:

To: “#All City Paper”:;
From: William Philpot
Subject: The Keurig

Please note that the Keurig coffee machine has been installed as it has become the brewer of choice. The previous brewer has been removed and is awaiting a final decision when it’s outta here. There are no more coffee pots to be brewed unfortunately and so now we must say goodbye to our friend as it will depart very soon.

Thank You BUNN Machine! We’ll miss you — maybe?

Bunn partisan Jason Cherkis is not convinced. “I think it’s bullshit,” he says. “And I think that the Bunn served its purpose—-it made coffee. It may have been a little bit harsh, but that’s office coffee for you. Here’s my prediction: We’ll constantly be running out of little coffee pods. Stuff probably causes cancer.” That’s a bit rich coming from someone who smokes cigarettes, but indeed, we ran out of non-flavored coffee pretty quickly last week. If the new pods that appeared this morning are any indication, though, Philpot has restructured his order to ensure that this paper doesn’t have to run on hazelnut.