I’m going on a beach getaway this weekend. Not to the Bahamas or Mexico or anywhere warm. Oh no. This trip tops all those. We’re going to off-season Rehoboth. I haven’t checked the weather, but I’m pretty sure mother nature will offer some of the following: sleet, hail, snow, or maybe just sideways rain blowing little grains of sand into our faces. It will be a lovely, much-needed chance to stay inside for two straight days. And, beat my boyfriend at Scrabble. My brainy mom, who hates to see me win, told me to bring a spatial game as well, since the boyfriend is a scientist and not a writer. (Kisses, Mom. I know it just makes me stronger.)

Of course he owns said spatial game. It’s called Mastermind. It’s sort of like Battle Ship, but harder, with little colored pegs in an invisible order. In a practice round, I clung briefly to a hopefully thin disadvantage, then went down, down, down in defeat. I have not been practicing online at work.

Anyway, since Scrabble is more a test of mathy skills (shuffling anagrams) than a composition assignment, and since I am an evil genius at Scrabble, there may be hope for me yet. Then again, I may have just talked myself up a bit too much.