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X-mas is one of my favorite times of the year. For one reason: all you people leave. You don’t block the box down in Chinatown. You don’t crowd U Street NW. You leave Dupont Circle alone. You all get the fuck out of town to crowd up other people’s towns.

I really dug staring out at an empty 16th Street each morning. And an empty Georgetown has never been sweeter. Shit, even the Adams Morgan Blockbuster was pretty quiet.

Unfortunately not everyone left town. So as a service, here are the stops that are still crowded during this holiday break:

*Pasta Mia: What the fuck? This place still gets a line out the door. Amazing how attractive cheap pasta can be.

*Regal Movie Theater (Chinatown): The lines for the automated machines were at least five people deep. That’s way too many people.

*Whole Foods, P Street NW: The amount of cart gridlock near the plates of free cheese almost sent me over the edge. So avoid the free cheese stations.

*Constitution Avenue (between 15th Street NW and 17th Street NW): Hey! The Christmas Tree is ugly. Get over it and move along!

OK. Any other spots people should avoid?