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There’ll no alcohol allowed in the Cincinnati Post newsroom on New Year’s Eve. Editor Mike Philipps has requested the paper’s staff “go out like professionals” on the Post‘s last day of publication.

Post-layoffs, the City Paper newsroom sure feels like a place that’s going out of business, especially with two employees out sick. But nobody here is going out like a professional. Here’s a quickie inventory of the alcohol on hand:

  • Tim Carman: 1/3 bottle of Cirrus vodka, 1/2 bottle of red rosé jug wine
  • Amanda Hess: 1 liter of chablis (classy!) and a 750 ml bottle of Bella Serra Rosso Della Venezie
  • Jason Cherkis: half of a 375 ml bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Mike DeBonis: 2/3 of a 750 ml bottle of Evan Williams bourbon
  • Mark Athitakis: some 62 percent alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Me: A 750 ml bottle of Bluecoat gin that Kim Gooden and I couldn’t open last night because the top of the cork stopper broke off and she, uncharacteristically, had forgotten her corkscrew.
  • Matt Borlik: An empty pint bottle of Jim Beam

Also, in the editorial kitchen, there’s 2 bottles of Red Hook ESB on the counter and a can of Schlitz in the fridge. I suspect there’s more hooch around here, but like I said, a couple people are out and I don’t want to go through their stuff. Even without them, we clearly have what we need to ward off whatever bad news comes down the pike in 2008.