With each recent Redskins victory, my brother has grown into more of a monster. I half expect him to show up tomorrow afternoon looking like one of these guys.

In between sweet victories, my brother won’t let up. It’s only an extended half time for him. Every day—OK, nearly every day—my brother will call me up from his Baltimore home and ask in a too-desperate tone: “What’s the buzz on the Skins?”

And every time he asks, I reply with: “I don’t fucking know. No one in the office really cares.”

But he still asks. I think he thinks his asking will help the Skins continue their heroic string of victories. Just as he thinks if he continues to eat fake Italian sausages during the games, they will win. I’ve also heard from family members that my brother now refuses to sit on the couch during games. He must stand at all times.

I know he still screams for the big plays.

If the Skins keep winning, my brother might explode.