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This is my apology to the Earth. I needed new mascara. Honest, I did. I was scraping the bottom of the tube so hard the bristles were bent. The only thing I was putting on my lashes was big chunky globs. It was not pretty. I put it off as long as I could, but it was time for new mascara. And, yes, I know what I should have done. I should have taken my lash-less self down to Macy’s and bought my little tube of Bad Gal Lash. I probably could have found the time. But it didn’t feel like I had the time. There was work and more work and cookies to bake and friends in town. This was the height of the holiday season! So I ordered my mascara online. I thought the $5 I was paying in shipping was the only crime I was committing. But, no, my teeny tiny tube of macara came in this box:

I’m sorry. I have learned my lesson. I will never order makeup again.