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Starting today, the excellent Capital Weather blog now operates under the Washington Post umbrella. It was a genius move on the Post’s part, snagging a local blog that’s newsy and entertaining—and, for a newbie East Coaster like myself, a useful window into the ridiculously unpredictable weather.

That unpredictability speaks to one flaw in how the site is currently functioning under the Post regime. The best part of Capitalweather.com, now renamed Capital Weather Gang, is its “Forecast Confidence” graphic, which lets you know at a glance how much stock to put into the site’s predictions. Looking at the site through a feedreader, though, removes the “Forecast Confidence” graphic. (Those images always appeared in the old site’s feed.)

It may seem like small complaint, but a Web operation as allegedly up-to-date as the Post’s should realize that not including this graphic in its RSS feed is a bit like not including the score in a sports story. Maybe the Post’s keepers are outsmarting us, though; this could be a plot on their part to force people out of their feedreaders and onto the site itself, where we can be bombarded with all manner of advertising.