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I got to say that Sports Talk 980 and WAMU have been very kind to Joe Gibbs all day. And it appears these superfans are already organizing a send off/tribute at Redskins Park.

The overarching theme of the coverage is that Gibbs went out on top. Do people really think that losing to the Seahawks is going out on top? Sure, the way Gibbs carried himself and his team this last month after the tragic loss of Sean Taylor was awe inspiring. But I just wanted him to get a chance to beat the Cowboys the following week. If he could have done that…

I will say this: at least Gibbs acquitted himself far better than the other ’80s-era coaching greats who tried to reclaim their glory days. Ditka‘s late ’90s run with the Saints was a disaster. And Parcells didn’t exactly return the Cowboys to glory.