By popular demand (meaning Cherkis told me to do it), I’ll be liveblogging the Joe Gibbs retirement press conference here in a few minutes. Personally, I heard the news this morning from Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., who strolled late into this morning’s council breakfast meeting with the scoop. Shocking!

Anyhoo, we’ll get this started in a few minutes….

2:59: They brought out the Lombardi trophies. Just so you remember why we care.

3:04: Fourteen cameras in attendance!

3:06: “Dan, he really didn’t want this to happen.”

3:07: “I really thought we were gonna go all the way.” And here come the classic Gibbs lines: “We were totally focused,” “I’m so proud of our guys,” yadda yadda.

3:09: Wow. Couldn’t write down the names of all the Gibbs family members he consulted on this one.

3:10: “I love the Redskins. I’m a Redskin. I’m a Washingtonian….This is what we love, and this is where we want to be.”

3:10: My family situation…has dramatically changed. My job…the only way I know how to do it is to go after it night and day….It takes every minute.”

3:12: “I apologize for the awkwardness of yesterday’s press conference, because we haven’t been able to talk yet.” Gibbs talked with Snyder until 2:30-3 a.m. “I told him that I just didn’t feel that I could make the commitment I needed to make …knowing what my family situation was.”

3:13: “I don’t think he necessarily agreed with it, but I think he understood what I was saying to him.”

3:15: Wife’s on his ass.

3:15: “In football, you’re gonna go through tough times. Dan, I never had one excuse here. Never one excuse….We made decisions together. It was never one person.”

3:16: Joe Gibbs hearts Dan Snyder. “I can honestly say he’s got a winner’s heart.”

3:17: On his friendship with Snyder: “one of those things we’ll be able to carry on for a lifetime.”

3:18: Something about the “commode” flushing?

3:19: A-HA—-Joe Gibbs used to get his coffee at 7-Eleven. Now he gets his coffee at Starbucks. Now we know where Gibbs Part II went awry…

3:20: Referring to personnel moves, “I think it’s been proven that we’ve made some real good ones.”

3:21: Behind every great man is a great secretary. Thanks, Cindy!

3:22: “I definitely feel like we got the things in place here to do what we want to do going forward…. Our fans deserve championships.”

3:25: “I just hope that my heart came across to everyone here…It’s been amazing me to experience the fact that we serve such a wonderful god who takes such as average person… and blesses him with some of the greatest experiences anyone can have on earth.” Applause.

3:26: It’s Snyder time! His three words for JG: Appreciation. Admiration. Respect. “The bond he created here was very, very special.”

3:28: Gibbs back at the mic—-gives a shout out to Joe Jacoby and all the players. Awww.

3:30: Question time! Gibbs says his continuing role is TBD. “I want the coach to be totally relaxed.”

3:31: Guy asks about Sean Taylor—-21’s first mention. Also asks whether ending the season well led him to leave. “Those things are all kind of hard to separate….In general, I feel much better about where the team is.”

3:33: “We’re in a position today, as opposed to four years ago, the right things are ahead and the right things are in place.” Take that, Ol’ Ball Coach!

3:37: Gregg Williams has to like hearing this from Snyder: “Continuity is very important to me. I like where we are.”

3:38: Snyder on hiring new coach: “We’ve not even started the process.”

3:39: Gibbs and Snyder never talked about financial terms for an extension.

3:40: Gibbs on not fulfilling the fifth year of his contract: “I felt bad about that….About the first time in my life that I kinda walked away from something.”

3:41: Snyder hasn’t talked to Bill Cowher. “Saw him at racquetball about six years ago in Indy.”

3:42: Snyder: “I had a great four years. I wanted another five, plus.” Retorts Gibbs: “I think you had me until about 93.”

3:43: Snyder says Gibbs taught him “incredible patience.”

3:45: Snyder: “He’ll always be our coach. My coach.”

3:46: Gibbs is asked what he’ll think if Snyder cleans house. “I’ll feel real comfortable with whatever Dan decides.”

3:47: Snyder: “I’m a believer in ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.'”

3:52: Gibbs: Snyder very generous with his airplane.

3:53: Snyder had a feeling Gibbs was quitting after his Sunday press conference. “I know him so well, I could tell.”

3:56: Snyder: “I think we know how the players feel about all the coaches….We’re a pretty close-knit group of people at this point.”

3:57: Gibbs played Scrabble with his grandkids last night. No word on a winner.

3:59: Snyder: “You can never replace Joe Gibbs.” There’s no timetable for a new hire yet.

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