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With the Redskins having bowed out of the playoffs in the span of a few minutes on Saturday evening, it appears that locals are switching their playoff allegiances to the New York Giants, a team of which I’ve long been a fan. For these tens of thousands of Washingtonians, here’s a quick-and-dirty review of the G-men’s injury report for Sunday afternoon’s divvy playoff game against the Cowboys.

*WR Plax Burress: He’s got an ankle. But he’s had that all year long and has been torching people right and left, so we should be all right here.

*CB Sam Madison: His tummy’s hurting, and it’s nothing that Pepto will cure.

*C Shaun O’Hara: Knee issues stemming from Pats game two weeks ago. I sure hope he plays, because he’s not a pretty sight on the sidelines in civvy clothes.

*CB Kevin Dockery: Hip thingie. This is the injury all the announcers on ESPN and HBO and at the Post, the Times—everywhere—are talking about. Dockery, of course, is perhaps the league’s best all-around defensive player, some would say even better than the higher-profile Bob Sanders.

*RT Kareem McKenzie: Ankle’s bothering him. Well, so is mine, but that doesn’t stop me from workin’. Get in there, Kareem.

For more, see excellent NJ Star Ledger columnist Mike Garafolo.