The Post reports on the University Legal Services slamming of St. E’s over 11 deaths that occurred last year inside its facility. The advocacy group says the deaths were needless and due to neglect. ULS issues its findings today in a report. You can read it here. Although acting attorney general Peter Nickles has already dubbed the report unfair, it is safe to say that University Legal Services is one of the few entities that actually think/care/give a shit about St. E’s. The facility has been labeled “troubled” for so long it’s pathetic that more hasn’t been done to ensure better care. And ULS is just about it in terms of advocacy on behalf of St. E’s patients.

Sally Jenkins wonders of the post-Gibbs era: “Now that Gibbs has called it quits, he can no longer be praised or blamed for the Redskins’ fortunes. He’s not their front man anymore, or their excuse. His resignation exposes the organization. If you’re a Redskins fan and Coach Joe can’t fix it, the question you’re asking is, can it be fixed?”

Wonkette says goodbye to New Hampshire.