This morning, in my pre-coffee haze, I was flipping channels and happened upon a story that included some balloon people. Oh, there was an actual real story—which was on FOX 5—with a newscaster and everything. But, I lost focus on the details with the distractingly mesmerizing balloon people hovering in the background. (For the record, they weren’t actually hovering, though it looked like they just might lift off with a little more air.)

So, here’s the scoop on the balloon people: they are part of the group Cirkus Cirkör, which performed last night at the official opening of the Embassy of Sweden’s Innovation and Technology Exhibits. The title pretty much describes the gist of the program, which runs from January until the middle of March, with various events and exhibits.

There were three Cirkus Cirkor performers at the embassy last night. Apparently, the group is not performing again here any time soon (however, the balloon people will be back for a 2009 U.S. tour). Here’s a little snippet of what I missed last night, according to an embassy spokesman: “He comes out with the balloon on his head. Suddenly, his whole head is in the balloon, then his shoulder goes in, then the other, then his legs, then he takes off his pants…Then he turns around in some way. Then he puts his pants back on, and he eventually gets out.”

The U.S. tour will be called “Inside Out.”