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I’m nerdy, but not so nerdy that I’d say that Politics & Prose is a tourist destination, as this Associate Press article asserts. (Hat tip: ComicsDC) Clearly I’m not sucking down enough C-SPAN:

Even people who’ve never been here feel like they know the place because many of its readings are broadcast on C-SPAN. “We have a lot of people who come here and the first thing they want to know is, ‘Where does the author stand?'” said co-owner Barbara Meade. “They want to have the whole setting they see on television explained to them.” January events include the authors of titles like “The Nuclear Jihadist” and “The Speculation Economy,” but don’t let the “Politics” in the store’s name fool you. Readers can find books here in any genre; the store’s children’s section is especially well-regarded.

Not that the place doesn’t draw a crowd: The photo above is from New Yorker music critic Alex Ross‘ reading at the store last November.