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Today’s David Knauss‘ last day at City Paper. I’m going to miss his rock-solid competence, his ability to take a joke, and, most important, his sense of style. David Knauss inspired me to start dressing better. Just a couple weekends ago I went to Potomac Mills and the Banana Republic outlet there so I could try to keep up with his natty sweater vests, knit tops, and flat-front pants on what they pay me here. (You wouldn’t believe how many of my fellow male employees think it’s OK to wear pleats, or to tuck in and belt a T-shirt.)

The other day, I got to work and said good morning to Knauss in my cycling outfit—-ripped khakis covered with paint splotches, a gross sweatshirt, and a jacket in such a bright hue of yellow that I can practically navigate by it at night. His face dropped when he saw me—-“What’s with the clothes?” he asked in a hurt tone. It wasn’t the first time I let him down but I’m determined to make it the last. David, I pledge it’ll always be business casual with me from now on.