Today, the Washington Post‘s KidsPost page touts the new movie “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything—A VeggieTales Movie.” In the words of the writeup: “The G-rated movie is geared to ages 8 and younger, but many older kids will enjoy it, too (especially the music video during the end credits).”

Now, move to the Weekend section of the Post, which has this to say about the target audience for “Pirates”: “Kids 6 and older and their parents will find the same reassuring mix of silliness and parable in this computer-animated fantasy as they find in the popular faith-based VeggieTales videos.”

OK, the obvious question: Which is it? 8 and younger? Or 6 and older? This is a classic demonstration of federalism at the Washington Post, wherein two different sections—KidsPost runs in Style—have different takes on the same thing.

Perhaps the wise thing to do here is to Venn-Diagram this contradiction, and conclude that “Pirates” is for kids aged 6 to 8.

Grant, who runs the Weekend section and has long been associated with KidsPost, could certainly help us out of this jam. Please let us know, Tracy!