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The Drink: Dirty martini

The Location: Your office

The Price: Who cares? You didn’t pay for it.

The Buzz: As business-casual fan Andrew Beaujon recently blogged (just scroll down a bit), the sweater-vest-wearing David Knauss is leaving our ranks. Today we tried to give him a proper farewell. First there was pizza. That didn’t quite do it. Then there was cake. Almost there. And, finally, it was cocktail hour. I think that did the trick. But the valuable lesson, kids, is that martinis are flexible things. Give someone a bowl of ice, a plastic cup, and a plastic spoon, and you have a shaker. Throw in some Grey Goose (City Paper‘s getting classy! No jug wine at this party!) and Down & Dirty Martini Mix (which doesn’t actually list olives in the ingredients), and after a little swirling and a little spoon-straining, you have a lovely, supersalty martini…in a pint glass.

David, we will miss you. And the rest of you, find a reason for an office cocktail hour.