How low can it go?

Wall Street sent Six Flags (SIX) closer to the floor. Stock in Dan Snyder’s amusement company fell to $1.70 per share during Friday’s trading, its lowest level in at least 10 years.

For perspective, the same stock traded at $11.91 in January 2006, shortly after Snyder installed a new board of directors and put himself atop it.

Two-legged folks aren’t the only ones taking a beating from Six Flags.

Last week, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the company’s Vallejo, Calif., outpost, was named the worst park for elephants in the entire country.

The honor was bestowed by In Defense of Animals, a San Rafael-based animal rights group, for offenses including cruel treatment, lack of exercise, and lack of proper medical care.

An IDA spokesperson also said Six Flags elephants are routinely “hit, hurt, prodded, poked and beaten” with a device called a bull hook, which is a metal hook on the end of a long pole.

The group has asked the federal government to investigate the same Six Flags park because one of the giraffes there died in a fire last fall.


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