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Sure, the Washington Post has done its fair share of hard-nosed reporting on the construction of the Nationals stadium in Southeast. It’s gone deep on parking, finances, and the initial political opposition to the boondoggle.

But none of that good work is sufficient to clear the stink away from this morning’s Metro front offering on the wonderful evolution of the stadium’s design. If you’re one of those insufferable baseball nostalgists, a stadium architect, a member of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, and owner of the Nationals, or someone else who stands to benefit from the relocation of the Nats from RFK to this new site, you’ll find plenty to love in this piece.

Especially the ending, which goes like this:

In the meantime, the initial reviews of the design are raves. Students and teachers from the Academy of Construction and Design at Cardozo Senior High School were among the ballpark’s recent visitors.

“This is too cool,” said academy manager Shelly Morrison as she stepped out to the club level and got her first view of the playing field. “I don’t know too much about baseball, but I’ll come for the ambience.”

 Yeah, well initial reviews of just about every huge project in the District generally err on the ravey side. How much you wanna bet that I could find rave reviews for such historic D.C. archiflops as the old convention center? Or perhaps TechWorld?