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Everybody’s saying the Redskins are about to name ex-Giants coach Jim Fassel to replace Joe Gibbs.

Let’s see how the owner’s decision is playing among the base. Here is the first page of the thread titled “Message to the Danny” on extremeskins.com, the Snyder-owned fan site:

Sarge: If this Fossil thing goes through, you’ll get my season tickets back in the mail next month. Book it.

LightenupSandyBaby: F U DAN

chow184: if I had season tickets I’d be selling them right about now.

BadKarma: I dont have season tix but you can count on the fact I wont be going to anymore games if you blow up OUR team for Jim Fassell.

laythalumber2130: I HATE YOU DANNY SNYDER thanks again for nothing

CGSKINS: Give them to me. I’m gone RIDE or DIE with my squad. Skins for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pskins: Dan Snyder, You Are A Jack*$$

Argentina: Thanks for ruining our team. Now I can fully concentrate on the Washington Wizards.
Oh, I forgot, **** you!

REDMAN7: so much for Snyder “learning” from Joe Gibbs

skinfan31: sell now!!! before you do any more damage!

vegeta613’s: Dan and Vinny=clowns

DallasSucks19922010: stop being a b**** snyder!

Skins81a: HATE is not a strong enough word on how I feel about you Danny…you jerk! This team was mine before it was yours!

Several more pages of this same sentiment were entered within the first half hour of the thread’s existence. Alas, the “Message to the Danny” thread disappeared from the board — which, again, is owned by Snyder — shortly after these samples were copied.