Just when you think the terrible trend of randomly hung nooses is petering off, one ends up in the brand new baseball stadium. The noose was found Tuesday. According to NBC4, the worker who hung the noose was in his first day on the job for Reston-based Truland Systems, an electrical subcontractor. Another employee is expected to be fired today. The news broke last night, and apparently the political response couldn’t wait until the morning. This press release from At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown appeared in my box at exactly 11 p.m. last night:

Brown: I WANT ANSWERS NOW!—Brown to hold roundtable on noose discovered at ballpark

Tonight, At-Large Councilmember Kwame R. Brown was outraged after learning a noose was discovered in a break room at the new ballpark. An employee from Truland Systems Corp. was identified as a culprit. Brown, who chairs the Committee on Economic Development and has oversight of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, will hold a roundtable next week to investigate the incident.

“I want answers now,” exclaimed Brown. “This is an outrage. I will fight tooth and nail to discover the truth of what happened. I will also do what’s in my power to ensure that companies with a proven history of discriminatory practices never get contracts or do business with the District of Columbia. Hate crimes will not be tolerated.”

Brown is meeting with Clark/Hunt/Smoot and DCSEC [today] at 11:00 AM to begin the Committee’s inquiry. He is also considering a measure that would require the District to take into account the proven discriminatory history of a company and its employees when awarding city contracts.

When it comes to Truland’s “history of discriminatory practices,” the news coverage has already touched upon a sketchy incident. Five black electricians were fired recently after a Truland worker criticized their work and made what they considered to be derogatory comments.