Ever since the media stopped covering kooky Mike Gravel, there’s been a widening maw open to the weird third-party guy who, on occasion, makes a lot more sense than the men and woman duking it out on the front pages.

And here he is: Physics professor George D.J. Phillies, the Libertarian candidate. So far, he’s the only candidate to actually address the District’s issues. Here’s what he has to say:

  • About Schools: Instead of harassing local school boards across America whose schools are outperforming those in D.C., Congress should stay at home and take responsibility for fixing Congress’ own school district, the D.C. public schools. How will we know the schools are better? When the children of Senators and Representatives attend them.
  • About Jobs: All too many Washingtonians are unemployed—6.1 percent unemployment isn’t the worst in the country, but it’s unacceptable. Congress should get out of the way of private enterprise, which creates real jobs for real Americans. There’s no sensible reason to harass people who want to drive a jitney, braid a neighbor’s hair, or watch a neighbor’s children during the day. All that government regulation has a bad effect. Too many Americans speak in terms of getting a job from someone else rather than making a job for themselves. Away from Capitol Hill, Washington is full of hard working, good Americans….Congress should make sure that their neighbors in D.C. are not denied the job opportunities that only small business can provide.
  • About Marriage: Across America, the definition of marriage has become a point of bitter contention. D.C. should offer a standard civil union contract, capable of binding amendment, that would cover not only marriages as defined by the individuals involved and their private beliefs, but also other similar relationships, for example, elderly friends who want iron-clad assurance that if they are incapacitated, their medical care decisions will be made by someone they know and trust.
  • And, on top of all that, Phillies grew up outside of Buffalo. That automatically means he’s not a sissy.