Famous Redskins Cornerback Darrell Green has just started a blog for the Washington Post. It started yesterday. Here is a sampling of Green’s fine insight and prose:

“First, congratulations are in order to Dan and Tonya Snyder for making the Redskins the richest franchise on the planet. No matter how you look at it they are winners, period.”


Green goes on to write this counterintuitive piece of nonsense:

I’ve enjoyed watching them pull together their new coaching staff. It reminds me of how Lee Marvin picked his team in the 1967 movie, The Dirty Dozen. In the movie, each man was picked individually and with a specific skill for a specific task to meet the team’s goal. Now, if I am right and this is what they are doing, then I applaud it because this way there is no place to hide for anyone. Every coach, just like every player, is in an independent contractor with full accountability to the owner and the owner alone. I think this is a great formula for success as it makes everyone pull their own weight with no relational hiding places as when a head coach hires everyone.

What about this talk about them needing to hire a GM to win big? Hogwash! I don’t agree. Everybody knows that football is a game of yards and inches. These guys are very close and, trust me, it won’t be a GM that puts them over the top. No! It’s going to be the play on the field, not a decision in an office that will put them over the top.

Green needs to stop writing now!