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Just got this, another missive from an angry parent and/or activist over the proposed school closings. It’s an open letter to Michelle Rhee questioning her speaking at the American Enterprise Institute.

Since City Desk is a bit light today, I’m just gonna post the letter complete with spelling errors, faulty grammar, and the bum sentences. If you are going to rail against Rhee, you better at least proofread your missives:

Open Letter regarding Michelle Rhee

To: Mayor Adrian Fenty, DC Council, DCPS/State Ed. Board?

Why is Michelle Rhee addresssing the American Enterprise Institute? This is the same neo-conservative think tank that produces the ideological justification for the Iraqi war and privatization.

Worse, and disturbingly compelling about AEI is that it is home to AEI “scholar” Charles Murray. Charles Murray is the author of The Bell Curve – the absurb book which concluded that blacks have inferior intelligence and therefore need special treatment.

AEI also presented studies on the necessity to privatize public education and attacked public school teachers as underqualified and over paid.

So why is Michelle Rhee is going to address this neoconservative, racist, anti-worker, anti-union enterprise of which Lynne Chenney is listed as their education expert and Newt Gingrich is listed as their healthcare expert?

Is Rhee’s mindset as relates to black (& latino) children in DCPS in sync with AEI’s neo-conservative elistit/supremacist doctrine; which spawned the likes of Charles Murray?

Is Rhee’s goal (and that of her financial backers) to summarily exploit black and minority children. The New Teacher Project was created and driven off the backs of urban black and latino children; is Rhee’s gut rooted in contemptous profiteering based on such neo-conservative ideology as spewed by AEI? It appears so.

This speaking engagement unravels as disturbing corollary about Michelle Rhee which should not be taken lightly.

Carolyn C. Steptoe
Ward 5 Resident