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This from the annals of CP classifieds:

WANTED: T-shirts. Marc Jacobs & Michael by Michael Kors. Marc Jacobs: cream(?), short-sleeved(?), with an image of a person speaking w/ “cartoon” speech bubble. Any size, esp. XS or S. Michael Kors: RN: 111818, CA: 45885, cotton, sleeveless, v-neck/surplice. Looking for size XS or S.

Karen Mitchell, who submitted the ad, had this to say about it:

Great to hear from you! I got a little compulsive about the shirt with the picture and thought the ad was worth a try. I had already bought the second shirt, so I had the item number from the tag—exactly what I wanted for a favorite skirt, but I was between sizes—so I went to another store to look for a different size. I saw the cartoon-bubble shirt on the way to the door, thought about getting in line at the cash register and calling work to say I’d be a little late, told myself be sensible, walked out, and regretted it.

The cartoon-bubble shirt was love at first sight, illustrating interests in language, art, and pop art. I have a T-shirt with the Ethiopian alphabet, but it doesn’t give the same breadth of expression, and it’s enormous besides.

Can you help Karen out with her breadth of expression? And while you’re at it: Several years ago when I was living in NYC I saw a dude on the street with a T-shirt emblazoned with the logo for York peppermint patty, only in the middle of the circle, it said “Dork.”

It spoke to me with its breadth of expression. I can’t understand why.