I drove by the new baseball stadium, Nationals Park, again today. I hate almost everything and I’m rarely right about anything, but, based solely on my brief field trip, here’s a few observations and a prediction:

1)Someday, Nationals Park is going to be an amazing place to watch a ballgame. The plant looks large and important and, unlike FedExField, won’t look like it was built in a day by frugal Martians. Even the lettering above the main gate reeks of fabulousness.

2)There’s no way in hell it’s going to be ready in 58 days.

This morning, the few roads into the stadium were having trouble handling the traffic just from the construction crews. That’s a huge staff, for sure, and there were a lot of big trucks, and the fact that so many people were working on what is a horrible day for stadium building shows they’re giving their all.

But, still, there weren’t 41,000 people on the job site today, let alone 41,000 people showing up at about the same time.

Far as I can tell, the only good news for those who plan on driving to Opening Night is: There’s no need to worry about the much-talked-about parking problems.

Because until you get close to the stadium, the parking problems won’t even come into play.

And I’d bet money that come that first seventh-inning stretch a huge portion of the car-bound ticketholders will still be listening to the game on their car radios while stuck on I-395.

Then again, as I saw once more today, there’s a great view of the stadium from the interstate. And, remember, someday, Nationals Park is going to be an amazing place to watch a ballgame.