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I scored an invite to last night’s Young and the Guest List party, thrown by Washington Life magazine to celebrate the release of their list of who’s who in the under-40 social set. These things are easy to scoff at. I’m still a bit mystified by all ways people measure status in this city: the balls, the charities, the lists. The thing is, fancy parties are fun. All the intrigue about who’s on the list and why makes for good gossip, especially when lots of the people in the room don’t know each other.

The big news this year was that the list had gotten smaller and more diverse, which meant heads had to roll. I was pleasantly surprised by the people I met: artists, NGO types, other women who read comic books. Also, Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, Philippe. Apparently Miss UK was there too. There were fire-eaters and clowns on stilts. And the food was amazing. Paper cones of fried calamari, thin slices of lamb on a slab of salt, fancy popcorn, sushi, spoons filled with little bites of yummy stuff. Lots of champagne and vodka and fruit dipped in chocolate. All this in a beautiful Georgetown mansion.

Glamor isn’t so annoying when you get to share.

The only sour note of the evening came when I tried to say hi to Reed Landry, the founder of Late Night Shots. He’s still really upset with me for the story I wrote about his website. I’m sorry, Reed. I thought part of the whole society thing was that you at least shake hands with your enemies. I’m also sorry you were so upset when my friend tried to take your picture. Next time, please don’t push her or threaten to break her camera. As they say on LNS, stay classy.