I received an email this week from a graduate business student at George Washington University who wanted to get ahold of David Nagar, co-owner of Teddy’s Roti Shop, about “the possibility of working with our team at GW to help this business rebound from its recent setbacks.” It sounded like a noble cause, so I contacted Nagar today to see if he’d be interested in potentially free help for his struggling Trinidadian restaurant.

Turns out that Nagar’s not even in business—-at least not currently. He says he was forced to leave his temporary spot inside the Silver Spring Caribbean-Style Restaurant when the gas was shut off. (Just for the record, that info has not been verified.)

But Nagar says he’s close to signing a lease on a space in the 7300 block of Georgia Avenue NW, which would, interestingly enough, put him just down the street from his old location, soon to become Taste of the Caribbean II. Why do visions of Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump leap to mind?

The location that Nagar is eyeballing is not a commercial kitchen space, so he would have to build it out himself. Still, he thinks he could have the new Teddy’s ready in a couple of months.

In the meantime, though, he says he’s open to the assistance of the kindly grad students at GW. And, yes, they offered their help with the full knowledge of our November story.