I love Obama. I love his speeches. I love his style. I love his slogan. What I don’t love is “celebrities” taking one of his speeches and his slogan and singing/talking/rapping over it for a special direct-to-youtube promo. I don’t need Kate Walsh, a Black Eyed Pea, Scarlett Johansson, Kareem or a Dylan kid mucking up my Obama love.

Thanks to these celebrities, I am embarrassed for Obama. This is one politician who doesn’t need this kind of celebrity hype. He does not need this we-are-the-world treatment. He is not Darfur. He is not Kenya. He is a presidential candidate who is currently doing quite well against the mighty Clinton machine. His speeches are awesome and moving without this kind of assist. Celebrities: You Suck, Stay Out Of The Obama Campaign (except Oprah, you are welcome). Watch the worst video to go viral since 2 Girls 1 Cup: