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During peak hours at my gym, Results the Gym, you have to sign up for the machines on dry erase boards with 15 minute time slots. At first, I thought it was a total drag. Some people rush in at the strike of 5 and gobble up the best spots. Some people are snotty about letting you know your time is up. But mostly, we all just go along with the rule. It’s fair. It prevents exercise bulimics from hogging the elliptical machines. It creates order.

But yesterday there was an anarchist in our midst. I had signed up for two slots on the treadmill, from 5:45 to 6:15. When I politely waved to the woman on my machine, she shook her head and said she wasn’t done. Her neighbors on other treadmills started telling her get off. She ignored them. Even when a gym staffer came over and told her to play fair, she kept running. One guy started demanding that the staffer pull the plug. Instead, he just walked away. I gave the women a death stare and waited for another machine.

I’ve come to love my strange little gym, despite some early reservations. But now I’m pissed. There are all these horror stories about gyms enforcing obnoxious rules, like the no-grunting policy. But this one is fair. Results the Gym, it’s time to enforce the Rules.