I wasn’t feeling in a particularly political mood yesterday evening, unlike everyone else in the city. I had an hour to kill and a good book to read, but the U Street bar scene had been totally taken over by DCites in full-on Super Tuesday party mode. Luckily, I knew right where to go: the Saloon. Owner Kamal “Commy” Jahanbein often gets pegged as a “Soup Nazi” bar man, with fussy rules about when to order what (beer, then food) and where to sit (you have to share tables when the place is packed). The thing is, the rules aren’t there to make Commy happy. They’re there for you, the customer. I always leave in a better mood than when I started. Part of it’s the drink, part of it’s Commy and his expert wait staff. Last night we had a good chat about positive thinking. He’s big into optimism. Not hope, mind you, which isn’t proactive enough. But he’s not one of those preachy pontificators who wants you to agree with him all the time. I told him I’m a grumpy journalist, and sometimes people with overly-sunny dispositions get on my nerves. He was cool with that. He also had the best version of “May I take your order?” I’ve heard in years. Two guys came in, a little glum, after watching the Georgetown basketball game. They told him they were still dreaming. He let them mull for a while, then came back and said, “Would you like a beer with your dreams?”