Maybe, perhaps, close. Minutes ago, the Washington Post Co. announced the creation of a new biz unit called Washington Post Media. Heading this particular division of the company is Katharine Weymouth, the granddaughter of legendary Post Publisher Katharine Graham.

Under this new structure, both the newsroom and the web operation,, will be accountable to Weymouth.

OK, fine. But the big question: Will this mean the end of the 3.4-mile trek between the two operations? For the uninitiated: The Post works at 15th and L Streets downtown, while works in Arlington, right by the Court House Metro station.

A move, at this point, seems unlikely. There’ve been no details on this front from management and no commitments, either. Seems that the newsies and techies will continue to do their work far away from each other. One Postie surmises that eventually the newsroom could move to Arlington, where there’s a right-to-work law, cheaper rent, etc., etc.