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Mayor Adrian M. Fenty finally got on his horse for Sen. Barack Obama this morning, appearing in Ward 6 to open the presidential candidate’s local offices.

Arriving in his trademark black fedora, Fenty started up by leading the crowd of more than 150 in a chants of “Fired up! Ready to go!” and, yes, “O-ba-ma.”

Hizzoner then gave his best Obama pitch to D.C. voters. “We are here to say that for the nearly 600,000 residents of Washington, D.C., he’s by far the right candidate at the right time.”

Fenty went on to detail Obama’s promises to support any and all efforts for congressional voting rights for the District back when Fenty gave his endorsement in July. “I told him I was a one-issue mayor—-if you support voting right with that bully pulpit of the president of the United States…you’ve got my support….He has not wavered.”

The voting-rights spiel got big ups from the crowd, outdone only perhaps as when Fenty mentioned that Obama “stood strong against us going into Iraq.”

fter pulling out the requisite John F. Kennedy comparision—-by proxy, seeing as he was about a decade away from birth in 1960—-Fenty finished by rallying the troops for Election Day. “The polls open at 7 a.m. We want to see you there at 6:45,” he told them—-“vote early and often,” it was not.

How big of a deal is the new office? Well, not huge. The storefront, at 1225 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, will be open from today until next Wednesday. The space, not much more than 500 square feet and worth $900 for the six days of use, was donated by George Simpson, who also gave the $2,000 maximum to Fenty’s election campaign.

Fenty says the arrangements for the building weren’t finalized until about 36 hours ago. John Falcicchio, the Fenty aide tasked with getting out the Obama vote, says the office will be used as a storage space and staging area for convassing and get-out-the-vote ops, as well as a spot for some limited phone banking.

As for the big mystery—-where’s Barack?—-Fenty says there’s still no firm plans for Obama to make any appearances in the District before Tuesday, though he says the campaign is “still working on all that.” Falcicchio says there’s a likelihood that Obama will be in town Tuesday, possibly to take in the results and give his end-of-night speech.

A parting note: LL did not immediately agree with his colleague Jason Cherkis on the awfulness of that goddamn “Yes, We Can” song. But after listing to it running on a continuous loop outside the office before and after the rally, he can see where Cherkis is coming from.